Navigating CES 2024: Insights, Innovations, and AI Revolution

Caroline and I attended CES 2024 in January and it was bigger and better than last year with over 4300+ exhibitors and 135,000+ attendees compared to 3200+ exhibitors and 115,000+ attendees in 2023. CES is the biggest and most powerful tech event in the world, bringing a diverse group of professionals and companies to showcase [...]

Trendspotting at CES 2023: Key Insights and Innovations in the World of Consumer Technology

CES is back and thriving. CES 2023 drew over 115,000 attendees and over 3200 exhibitors and I was happy to be back at the big show after a 3-year absence. This time I brought my daughter Caroline who is studying to be an electrical engineer and excited that she may be working in this industry [...]

Can LG survive when Apple & Samsung dominate the 2021 Smartphone market?

The latest news that LG may be considering exiting the smartphones market in 2021 has largely gone unnoticed but does merit some discussion. As many of you know I spent six years managing the launch of over 20 mobile devices and 100s of apps at one of the big US mobile operators so this one [...]