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Product Management

AG Consulting Services provides expertise in helping clients define and execute go-to-market (GTM) and lifecycle strategies for products and applications in consumer and enterprise channels. Examples include messaging and positioning, GTM timing, digital marketing and merchandising. Our services can be provided à la carte or grouped as a full turnkey marketing solution.

Sales and Business Development

AG Consulting Services conducts strategic business planning meetings to identify business opportunities, partnerships and marketing requirements. We also tackle business fulfillment expectations and potential sales, revenue, cost and profitability associated with acquiring new partners, customers and channels.

Global/Regional Market Support

AG Consulting Services offers sales and marketing support for international clients looking to expand their business in the United States. We can also provide regional market support for companies based outside of the Pacific Northwest. We do this by offering clients a cost-effective local presence which is critical in establishing and fostering strong business relationships and growing revenue.

Mobile Technologies Consultancy

AG Consulting Services provides clients with the expertise needed to work with mobile operators, device manufacturers, app providers and other partners in the mobile ecosystem. We have extensive experience taking smartphones, tablets, wearables and applications to market in B2B and B2C channels. Other domain expertise includes enterprise software, cloud marketing, SaaS, mobile security, mobile gaming, mobile marketing and e-commerce.

Event Planning and Management

AG Consulting Services can work with clients to ensure that the goals and objectives that have been established for conferences and industry events are met. We can show clients how to effectively use these events to promote their brand with the right marketing message, host customer meetings and showcase their product or services.

Multicultural Marketing

Multicultural audiences have long been under-served by brands and agencies but the recent changes in demographics and buying power are causing a shift in the market. AG Consulting Services can help you create unique marketing strategies that tap into multicultural audiences, by factoring in cultural and language requirements during the product/service planning stage.



The first step of the consulting process is the contracting phase where we define the scope of the project and the type of business model to support the work. During this stage, we will initiate a discussion on expectations that we have of one another and the roles that each will play throughout the consulting process.

The second step of the consulting process is where we mutually agree on the desired specific outcomes.

  1. If the project is product management or marketing focused we will help you develop the Go-To-Market plan and content that can be used by cross-functional stakeholders for creating web and social media content, merchandising plans, sales forecasting, inventory management and training materials for your product or app launch.
  2. If the project is sales focused, we can help you identify the best partners for your product, app or service. We will take the lead in preparing the presentation and proposal. We will get you in front of the right audience, assist with any follow-up tasks and negotiate thru deal closure.


The next step of the consulting process is the discovery phase where we will meet with you by phone, video call or in-person to gather data from multiple sources before we can apply our expertise to solve your business problem. This may include:

  • Review of existing business documents and processes
  • Quantitative analysis of information using statistical tools
  • First-hand observations through informal stakeholder interviews
  • Formal and semi-structured interviews with key stakeholders, including clients

Once we have gathered the necessary information, we will deliver a comprehensive plan to meet the business objectives we had agreed on earlier in the process. We can next engage on implementing the sales or product marketing plan.

After the implementation phase is complete, we will review the project results against the original outcome and review any follow-on projects.


Product and Program Launch Management

  • Go-to-Market Planning and Execution
  • Drive Cross-Functional Alignment and Collaboration Across Teams
  • Product Launch Project Planning
  • Product Collateral Creation
  • 3rd Party Partner Management
  • Branding and Packaging Artwork
  • Customer Experience: In-Box, UX Review and OOBE
  • Develop Internal and External Communications
  • Digital Marketing and Brand Engagement
  • Merchandising, Pricing, Promotions, Forecasting
  • Channel Readiness
  • Demand Generation Program
  • Post Launch Lessons Learned

Mobile Networks, Devices, & Apps

  • Mobile Operator and Device OEM Relationships
  • 5G and 4G LTE Networks
  • Android OS Devices
  • iPhone OS Devices
  • Device Certification/Lab Entry Testing
  • Maintenance Window Management
  • eSIM and SIM Cards
  • IoT Devices and Connectivity
  • Software and Hardware Go-to-Market
  • International Roaming Services
  • Mobile Marketing

Event Planning and On-Site Execution

  • Overall Program Management
  • Corporate Events
    • Budget Development
    • Internal and External Communications
    • Onsite Branding
    • Logistics Management
    • Education Seminars/Panel discussions
    • Exhibit Booth and Product Demos
    • Customer Meetings
    • VIP Events – Venue, Food, Giveaways
  • Nonprofit Conference Management
    • Budget Development
    • Sponsorship and Fundraising Support
    • Registration Coordination
    • Logistics Managment
    • Marketing Plan


AG Consulting Services can deliver a powerful integrated go-to-market strategy for products and services, identify target customers and design value propositions tailored to those customers’ needs and to the company’s strengths. We can actively assess the market, identify new sales opportunities and potential relationships, negotiate and close contracts.

We can also provide expertise for companies that would like to relate specifically to ethnic markets through professional, brand managed, in-culture, in-language channel programs.

  • I worked with Leonard during our first project launched between Kyocera and AT&T. I enjoyed working with him, and came to know him as a truly valuable asset to the programs. He is multi-talented, dependable and incredibly hard-working. His knowledge of device project management and expertise in marketing, device certifications, supply chain and overall program management was a huge advantage to our joint efforts. as a dedicated and knowledgeable person, I believe he would be beneficial addition to any organization.

    Nikki Phu Sr. Account Manager, Corp Sales HG/Bus Dev at Kyocera International - Communications Equipment Group
  • Leonard's wireless experience mobility product and project management were instrumental in his counseling role at GCI. He demonstrated a solid ability to navigate organizational and technology complexity while working remote. He successfully led a key product migration effort, taking care to protect the customer, with the end result of keeping churn to an absolute minimum. He led a key partner negotiation that resulted in favorable business terms. Finally, he helped initiate several key product requirement documents, and led the re-design of our Master Terminal Requirements document. Leonard has been a huge help to our team, and I welcome the chance to work with him again in the future.

    Josh Lonn VP, Wireless Products at GCI General Communication, Inc.
  • I had the good fortune to work closely with Leonard while he was at Singlepoint. I compliment him for his ability to develop new business models which has generated new revenue for our customers and additional profits for the company. His accounts attributed to significant revenue growth for the company. He is business savvy, laser focused, a great facilitator and develops lasting relationships with everyone.

    Vikas Sharma, CPA Finance & Business Operations Professional
  • Leonard and I have worked together across the table over many years. While at Samsung, my team worked with Leonard on first to market products such as the Samsung Express which is still in the market today. These were high visibility products that required someone to not only drive all aspects to launch, but to also navigate unforeseen changes. Leonard paid attention not only to details and timelines, but he also created a collaborative environment in high pressure situations. I would highly recommend Leonard because of his skills in Product, Marketing and Sales - such versatility is hard to find especially in launching premier brands.

    Neil Sharma Executive - Business & Product
  • I had the pleasure of working with Leonard during his time as Product Development/Marketing Manager at AT&T. As head of marketing for the AT&T business at BlackBerry, I relied on Leonard as my central point of contact for some of the largest BlackBerry launches in AT&T history. His experience and know-how was demonstrated on a daily basis as he facilitated the go-to-market effort with the various functional teams at AT&T, including his work with the brand, PR and regional teams at the carrier. Leonard was involved in the full go-to-market planning process, from pre-certification through to in-market activities. Organized, efficient, and strategic, Leonard brought a number of valuable skills to the table. His leadership was on display as he organized large customer, media and conference events, including negotiating sponsorships, and talent for BlackBerry World. He was a delight to work with and I would welcome the opportunity to work alongside Leonard again.

    Carrie Lepage Managing Partner at Isabel Avery & Company
  • I had the opportunity to work with Leonard for just over a year at SinglePoint. During this time, Leonard remotely managed SinglePoint's highest revenue-generating client, including day to day strategic planning and ultimately, contract extension and renegotiation. Leonard's greatest strength in this role was his ability to actively advocate for his customer while maintaining focus on SinglePoint's bottom line and future interests in the market segment. Leonard is incredibly gregarious and uses this to his advantage as a collaborator, often bringing disparate groups together (whether that be internal audiences, external clients/partners, or both) to find a cohesive plan for growth.

    Douglas Grinspan VP, Revenue - Industry & Agency at Condé Nast
  • Leonard is an extremely customer-focused business development executive and a great business partner. I have had the fortune of working with Leonard at a few different points in my career, but our experience working as colleagues at Microsoft stands out. Leonard was responsible for getting one of my channel partner's business requirements built into the software road map for a large product group - not an easy task - and really helped move my business forward. Leonard's constant focus on customer needs and practical business results helped him smoothly bridge between two large and sometimes immovable organizations to secure the desired outcome..

    Howard Coonley XFINITY Mobile - Executive director of marketing
  • Leonard was the chairman of the SHPE 2010 National Conference. He managed a team comprised of nationwide volunteers, professional staff from SHPE national offices and numerous vendors and contractors. He demonstrated excellent planning and interpersonal skills, leadership and vision which resulted in a very successful SHPE conference. Organizing a profitable conference given today’s economic environment for non profits is a tremendous accomplishment.

    Manny Hernandez Mgr III, Systems Engineering at Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems
  • While I led the Enterprise Marketing and Product Management for devices, Leonard was one of the key players with day-to-day responsibility for the Blackberry device roadmap, launch and sell-thru plans. Leonard was also lead on the AT&T participation at the RIM/Blackberry World Conference. In this work, Leonard brought direct, relevant and analytically based insights to bear to best balance technical, market, customer, operator and Blackberry inputs towards making sound business decisions to drive growth of the Blackberry device sales and service. Leonard is a very focused and results-driven expert who takes ownership and shows he cares and I hope I can have an opportunity to work with him again.

    Hamish Caldwell Partner at Wireless Insiders Network
  • Leonard has a wealth of knowledge of the telecommunications industry. He was able to provide strong strategic advice and excellent connections to our clients. Leonard helped drive Ireland's international telecommunications strategy by working with us on a North American telecommunications road show. Additionally, Leonard is always upbeat and forward thinking.

    Marjorie DeHey, JD MBA Head of Strategic Partnerships at Bishop-Lyons Ent.; Partner at MediaMojos - Connecting Start-Ups to Hollywood, Producer

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Clients We’ve Worked With

AG Consulting Services can work with your organization in a number of ways


  1. Video Conferencing or In-Person Consultation – Provide subject matter expertise on topics related to Mobile, Internet, AR/VR, Cloud Services, Media and Entertainment Industries.
  2. Project or Retainer Fee Basis


AG Consulting Services can work with your organization as a subcontractor or serve as your sales, business development or product marketing organization. This option is especially ideal for international organizations looking to expand to the United States but not looking to make the large investment required to open a US office and staff a sales, business development or marketing team.

Leonard Abeyta – Principal


Leonard Abeyta is an accomplished product marketing and sales leader bringing innovative products, apps, and services to market in consumer and enterprise channels.

Leonard has held leadership positions at Fortune 50, early-stage and startup companies that include:  AT&T, Microsoft Corporation, Verizon Communications, InfoSpace, Singlepoint, Briabe Mobile and the Abeyta Group. Leonard also has a passion for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). He has held various leadership positions at community organizations helping thousands of students reach their potential in STEM.

He received an MBA from the University of Texas – Red McCombs School of Business and a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of New Mexico.

Caroline Abeyta – Business Engineer


Caroline Abeyta is a problem-solver and brings an excellent mix of technical and administrative skills in supporting Abeyta Group clients.  She has previously worked in customer service and advocacy for Target Corporation and the Resident Hall Association at the University of New Mexico.  She is also active in the STEM community.

She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of New Mexico.

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